Fan Favourite Season 2022/23 Voting

Until the CHL Final on the 18 February 2023, fans can vote for their favourite players of the competition. Every fan has two votes and can vote for his favourite player on his team and for his favourite player in the whole CHL. The scoring will take place after the final.

Fan Favourite Overall: 100 points per vote

Launch Voting: 13.10.2022

Deadline Voting: 18.02.2023

Top 5 Most voted players

# Team Player Votes
10 Fehérvár AV19 Istvan Bartalis Istvan Bartalis 78
81 Frölunda Gothenburg Ryan Lasch Ryan Lasch 22
35 Straubing Tigers Hunter Miska Hunter Miska 17
10 HC Davos Andres Ambühl Andres Ambühl 12
30 Tappara Tampere Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko 11

Fan Favourite 2022/23 - overall

Aalborg Pirates

# Pos. Name
40 DE Anders Koch Anders Koch Vote!
37 CE Andreas Nielsson Andreas Nielsson Vote!
59 DE Ben Carroll Ben Carroll Vote!
48 CE Emil Marcussen Emil Marcussen Vote!
39 GK George Sørensen George Sørensen Vote!
21 LW Jeppe Jul Korsgaard Jeppe Jul Korsgaard Vote!
61 CE Julian  Jakobsen Julian Jakobsen Vote!
7 FW Kirill Kabanov Kirill Kabanov Vote!
32 RD Lasse Bo Knudsen Lasse Bo Knudsen Vote!
12 DE Mads Frederiksen Mads Frederiksen Vote!
5 RW Magnus Boesen Magnus Boesen Vote!
58 RW Martin  Højbjerg Martin Højbjerg Vote!
45 LW Mikkel Højbjerg Mikkel Højbjerg Vote!
4 DE Nikolai Nielsen Nikolai Nielsen Vote!
24 DE Nikolaj Carstensen Nikolaj Carstensen Vote!
97 LW Oliver Anker Oliver Anker Vote!
42 DE Oskar Drugge Oskar Drugge Vote!
26 CE Patrick Bjorkstrand Patrick Bjorkstrand Vote!
31 GK Thomas Lillie Thomas Lillie Vote!
53 FW Thomas Spelling Thomas Spelling Vote!
87 RW Tobias Ladehoff Tobias Ladehoff Vote!
8 RW Tor Ulrik Bolther Rasmussen Tor Ulrik Bolther Rasmussen Vote!
77 CE Trevor Gooch Trevor Gooch Vote!
10 CE Victor Rollin Carlsson Victor Rollin Carlsson Vote!

Adler Mannheim

# Pos. Name

Belfast Giants

# Pos. Name
35 GK Andrew Dickson Andrew Dickson Vote!
9 FW Ben Lake Ben Lake Vote!
28 FW Bobby Chamberlain Bobby Chamberlain Vote!
17 FW Chad Butcher Chad Butcher Vote!
89 FW Ciaran Long Ciaran Long Vote!
29 FW Colby McAuley Colby McAuley Vote!
88 FW Darik Angeli Darik Angeli Vote!
67 RW David Gilbert David Gilbert Vote!
64 CE David Goodwin David Goodwin Vote!
42 DE Gabe Bast Gabe Bast Vote!
1 GK Jackson Whistle Jackson Whistle Vote!
6 DE Jeff Baum Jeff Baum Vote!
21 DE Kell Beattie Kell Beattie Vote!
22 DE Kevin Raine Kevin Raine Vote!
86 LW Mack Stewart Mack Stewart Vote!
26 RW Mark Cooper Mark Cooper Vote!
7 FW Mark Garside Mark Garside Vote!
24 DE Matt Foley Matt Foley Vote!
33 GK Peyton Jones Peyton Jones Vote!
2 DE Sam Ruopp Sam Ruopp Vote!
10 CE Scott Conway Scott Conway Vote!
14 FW Sean Norris Sean Norris Vote!
13 FW Steven Owre Steven Owre Vote!
71 CE Tyler Soy Tyler Soy Vote!
55 DE Will Cullen Will Cullen Vote!

Dynamo Pardubice

# Pos. Name

EHC Biel-Bienne

# Pos. Name

ERC Ingolstadt

# Pos. Name

Färjestad Karlstad

# Pos. Name
8 LD Anton Berglund Anton Berglund Vote!
52 RD August Tornberg August Tornberg Vote!
7 LD Axel Bergqvist Axel Bergqvist Vote!
31 FW Carl Jakobsson Carl Jakobsson Vote!
30 GK Damian Clara Damian Clara Vote!
13 FW Daniel Viksten Daniel Viksten Vote!
35 GK Dennis Hildeby Dennis Hildeby Vote!
38 LW Elliot Ståhlberg Elliot Ståhlberg Vote!
41 RW Henrik Björklund Henrik Björklund Vote!
11 FW Joakim Nygård Joakim Nygård Vote!
26 RD Joel Nyström Joel Nyström Vote!
36 CE Jonathan Andersen Jonathan Andersen Vote!
59 FW Linus Johansson Linus Johansson Vote!
29 RW Lucas Forsell Lucas Forsell Vote!
10 FW Marcus Nilsson Marcus Nilsson Vote!
20 CE Marcus Westfält Marcus Westfält Vote!
16 CE Martin Johnsen Martin Johnsen Vote!
90 GK Matthew Tomkins Matthew Tomkins Vote!
28 LD Mattias Göransson Mattias Göransson Vote!
55 LD Max Lindroth Max Lindroth Vote!
34 FW Michael Lindqvist Michael Lindqvist Vote!
4 FW Oscar Lawner Oscar Lawner Vote!
79 FW Patrik Lundh Patrik Lundh Vote!
22 FW Per Åslund Per Åslund Vote!
18 CE Remi Elie Remi Elie Vote!
81 DE Theodor Lennström Theodor Lennström Vote!
14 FW Victor Ejdsell Victor Ejdsell Vote!
23 RD Ville Pokka Ville Pokka Vote!


# Pos. Name

HC Bolzano

# Pos. Name

HC Innsbruck

# Pos. Name

HC Košice

# Pos. Name

Ilves Tampere

# Pos. Name
38 RW Aku Räty Aku Räty Vote!
86 FW Balazs Sebok Balazs Sebok Vote!
97 DE Dominik Mašín Dominik Mašín Vote!
10 LW Eemeli Suomi Eemeli Suomi Vote!
28 LW Eetu Päkkilä Eetu Päkkilä Vote!
82 RW Eetu Tuulola Eetu Tuulola Vote!
34 FW Jakub Kos Jakub Kos Vote!
31 GK Jakub Málek Jakub Málek Vote!
33 FW Jani Nyman Jani Nyman Vote!
57 DE Jarkko Parikka Jarkko Parikka Vote!
32 RW Joona Ikonen Joona Ikonen Vote!
17 FW Joona Korhonen Joona Korhonen Vote!
81 FW Joonas Oden Joonas Oden Vote!
23 LD Jyrki Jokipakka Jyrki Jokipakka Vote!
39 DE Karri Aho Karri Aho Vote!
72 LD Kevin Czuczman Kevin Czuczman Vote!
9 DE Leo Lööf Leo Lööf Vote!
74 DE Les Lancaster Les Lancaster Vote!
94 GK Marek Langhamer Marek Langhamer Vote!
12 CE Matias  Mäntykivi Matias Mäntykivi Vote!
71 FW Miro Nalli Miro Nalli Vote!
29 FW Miro Ruokonen Miro Ruokonen Vote!
35 GK Ondrej Bizon Ondrej Bizon Vote!
43 DE Otto Latvala Otto Latvala Vote!
63 FW Panu Mieho Panu Mieho Vote!
27 CE Petri Kontiola Petri Kontiola Vote!
21 FW Samu Bau Samu Bau Vote!
6 DE Santeri Airola Santeri Airola Vote!
15 LW Santeri Virtanen Santeri Virtanen Vote!
26 FW Tommi Tikka Tommi Tikka Vote!
61 LD Tuomas Salmela Tuomas Salmela Vote!