Fan Favourite Season 2018/19 Voting

Until the Champions Hockey League final on 5 February 2019 you have a unique opportunity to vote for your two favourite players: first your favourite player of your own team, and second for the entire CHL competition. The results will be announced after the final.

Fan Favourite Overall: 50 points per unique vote

Fan Favourite Team: 50 points per unique vote

Deadline voting: CHL Final

Top 5 Most voted players

# Team Player Votes
8 ZSC Lions Zurich Kevin Klein Kevin Klein 78
41 Storhamar Hamar Patrick Thoresen Patrick Thoresen 46
11 THOMAS SABO Ice Tigers Christopher Brown Christopher Brown 20
20 Frölunda Indians Joel Lundqvist Joel Lundqvist 19
30 HC Lugano Elvis Merzlikins Elvis Merzlikins 16

Fan Favourite 2018/19 - overall

Aalborg Pirates

# Pos. Name
25 RD Aaron Harstad Aaron Harstad Vote!
28 CE David   Friedmann David Friedmann Vote!
48 CE Emil Marcussen Emil Marcussen Vote!
9 LW Jack Walker Jack Walker Vote!
31 GK Jakob Jensen Jakob Jensen Vote!
21 LW Jeppe Jul Korsgaard Jeppe Jul Korsgaard Vote!
1 GK Jesper Wulff Jesper Wulff Vote!
22 RW Jonas  Jakobsen Jonas Jakobsen Vote!
91 CE Jonathan Brinkman Jonathan Brinkman Vote!
61 CE Julian  Jakobsen Julian Jakobsen Vote!
32 RD Lasse Bo Knudsen Lasse Bo Knudsen Vote!
77 LD Mads Iversen Mads Iversen Vote!
58 RW Martin  Højbjerg Martin Højbjerg Vote!
72 CE Mike McNamee Mike McNamee Vote!
45 LW Mikkel Højbjerg Mikkel Højbjerg Vote!
6 LD Nicolai Eriksen Nicolai Eriksen Vote!
24 LD Nikolaj Carstensen Nikolaj Carstensen Vote!
97 LW Oliver Anker Oliver Anker Vote!
56 LD Oliver Gatz Oliver Gatz Vote!
33 GK Ronan Quemener Ronan Quemener Vote!
88 CE Sebastian  Brinkman Sebastian Brinkman Vote!
2 DE Spencer Humphries Spencer Humphries Vote!
53 FW Thomas Spelling Thomas Spelling Vote!
87 RW Tobias Ladehoff Tobias Ladehoff Vote!
62 LD Victor Panelin Borg Victor Panelin Borg Vote!

Cardiff Devils

# Pos. Name
77 DE Ben Blood Ben Blood Vote!
33 GK Ben Bowns Ben Bowns Vote!
91 DE Bryce Reddick Bryce Reddick Vote!
70 LW Charles  Linglet Charles Linglet Vote!
29 FW Craig Moore Craig Moore Vote!
20 DE Gleason Fournier Gleason Fournier Vote!
47 FW Jake Morissette Jake Morissette Vote!
27 FW Joey Haddad Joey Haddad Vote!
88 FW Joey Martin Joey Martin Vote!
32 GK Jordan Lawday Jordan Lawday Vote!
41 FW Josh Batch Josh Batch Vote!
81 FW Justin Faryna Justin Faryna Vote!
18 FW Layne Ulmer Layne Ulmer Vote!
21 FW Luke Piggott Luke Piggott Vote!
4 DE Mark Louis Mark Louis Vote!
17 DE Mark Richardson Mark Richardson Vote!
8 FW Matthew Myers Matthew Myers Vote!
42 FW Matthew Pope Matthew Pope Vote!
84 LW Michael Hedden Michael Hedden Vote!
85 FW Sean Bentivoglio Sean Bentivoglio Vote!
11 FW Stephen Dixon Stephen Dixon Vote!
30 GK Thomas Murdy Thomas Murdy Vote!
37 FW Toms Rutkis Toms Rutkis Vote!

Djurgården Stockholm

# Pos. Name
4 CE Adam Falk Adam Falk Vote!
39 GK Adam Reideborn Adam Reideborn Vote!
44 LW Albin Grewe Albin Grewe Vote!
8 RW Alexander Holtz Alexander Holtz Vote!
55 DE Alexander Urbom Alexander Urbom Vote!
21 CE Andreas Engqvist Andreas Engqvist Vote!
20 RD Axel Andersson Axel Andersson Vote!
53 LD Bobo Petersson Bobo Petersson Vote!
34 FW Daniel Brodin Daniel Brodin Vote!
41 FW Daniel Widing Daniel Widing Vote!
49 DE David Bernhardt David Bernhardt Vote!
31 FW Dick Axelsson Dick Axelsson Vote!
72 RW Emil Bemström Emil Bemström Vote!
24 RW Erik Walli-Walterholm Erik Walli-Walterholm Vote!
80 FW Gustav Possler Gustav Possler Vote!
17 FW Henrik Eriksson Henrik Eriksson Vote!
40 CE Jacob Josefsson Jacob Josefsson Vote!
15 FW Jakob Lilja Jakob Lilja Vote!
37 RD Jesper Pettersson Jesper Pettersson Vote!
71 DE Jonathan Davidsson Jonathan Davidsson Vote!
33 DE Linus Hultström Linus Hultström Vote!
70 FW Marcus Davidsson Marcus Davidsson Vote!
10 FW Niclas Bergfors Niclas Bergfors Vote!
38 LD Olle Alsing Olle Alsing Vote!
30 GK Olof Lindbom Olof Lindbom Vote!
35 GK Robin Jensen Robin Jensen Vote!
56 DE Robin Norell Robin Norell Vote!
29 CE Sebastian Strandberg Sebastian Strandberg Vote!
18 RD Simon Johansson Simon Johansson Vote!
6 LD Tobias Björnfot Tobias Björnfot Vote!
43 DE Tom Nilsson Tom Nilsson Vote!
28 LW William Wiå William Wiå Vote!

Eisbären Berlin

# Pos. Name
24 FW André Rankel André Rankel Vote!
10 LW Brendan Ranford Brendan Ranford Vote!
47 FW Cedric Schiemenz Cedric Schiemenz Vote!
15 FW Charlie Jahnke Charlie Jahnke Vote!
89 CE Colin Smith Colin Smith Vote!
77 FW Daniel Fischbuch Daniel Fischbuch Vote!
9 DE Daniel Richmond Daniel Richmond Vote!
26 FW Florian Busch Florian Busch Vote!
69 DE Florian Kettemer Florian Kettemer Vote!
7 DE Frank Hördler Frank Hördler Vote!
88 CE James  Sheppard James Sheppard Vote!
17 FW Jamison MacQueen Jamison MacQueen Vote!
12 FW Jason Jaspers Jason Jaspers Vote!
29 LD Jens Baxmann Jens Baxmann Vote!
18 RD Jonas Müller Jonas Müller Vote!
6 DE Kai Wissmann Kai Wissmann Vote!
41 CE Louis-Marc Aubry Louis-Marc Aubry Vote!
92 FW Marcel Noebels Marcel Noebels Vote!
4 LD Mark Cundari Mark Cundari Vote!
91 CE Mark Olver Mark Olver Vote!
56 FW Martin Buchwieser Martin Buchwieser Vote!
39 GK Marvin Cüpper Marvin Cüpper Vote!
5 LD Maximilian Adam Maximilian Adam Vote!
30 GK Maximilian Franzreb Maximilian Franzreb Vote!
25 RD Michael Dupont Michael Dupont Vote!
61 RW Sean Backman Sean Backman Vote!
23 FW Thomas Oppenheimer Thomas Oppenheimer Vote!
22 LW Thomas Reichel Thomas Reichel Vote!
45 GK Tobias Ancicka Tobias Ancicka Vote!
16 FW Vincent Hessler Vincent Hessler Vote!

EV Zug

# Pos. Name
48 FW Carl Klingberg Carl Klingberg Vote!
91 DE Cédric Maurer Cédric Maurer Vote!
59 FW Dario Simion Dario Simion Vote!
7 FW David McIntyre David McIntyre Vote!
10 FW Dominic Lammer Dominic Lammer Vote!
18 DE Dominik Schlumpf Dominik Schlumpf Vote!
86 FW Fabian Haberstich Fabian Haberstich Vote!
57 FW Fabian Schnyder Fabian Schnyder Vote!
85 CE Fabio Klaey Fabio Klaey Vote!
9 FW Garrett Roe Garrett Roe Vote!
1 GK Gianluca Zaetta Gianluca Zaetta Vote!
58 RD Jesse Zgraggen Jesse Zgraggen Vote!
74 DE Johann Morant Johann Morant Vote!
46 FW Lino Martschini Lino Martschini Vote!
14 DE Livio Stadler Livio Stadler Vote!
49 LD Miro Zryd Miro Zryd Vote!
44 FW Pontus Widerström Pontus Widerström Vote!
16 DE Raphael Diaz Raphael Diaz Vote!
26 FW Reto Suri Reto Suri Vote!
29 GK Sandro Aeschlimann Sandro Aeschlimann Vote!
22 DE Santeri Alatalo Santeri Alatalo Vote!
92 LW Sven Leuenberger Sven Leuenberger Vote!
88 FW Sven Senteler Sven Senteler Vote!
17 RD Thomas Thiry Thomas Thiry Vote!
90 DE Tobias Fohrler Tobias Fohrler Vote!
51 GK Tobias Stephan Tobias Stephan Vote!
65 DE Victor Oejdemark Victor Oejdemark Vote!
25 RW Viktor Stalberg Viktor Stalberg Vote!
12 LW Yannick Zehnder Yannick Zehnder Vote!
28 CE Yannick-Lennart Albrecht Yannick-Lennart Albrecht Vote!

Frölunda Indians

# Pos. Name
15 LD Anders Grönlund Anders Grönlund Vote!
1 GK Arvid Söderblom Arvid Söderblom Vote!
5 LD Chay Genoway Chay Genoway Vote!
16 DE Filip Westerlund Filip Westerlund Vote!
10 RD Gustav Lindström Gustav Lindström Vote!
43 LW Jesper Emanuelsson Jesper Emanuelsson Vote!
20 FW Joel Lundqvist Joel Lundqvist Vote!
40 LW Joel Mustonen Joel Mustonen Vote!
37 GK Johan Gustafsson Johan Gustafsson Vote!
33 GK Johan Mattsson Johan Mattsson Vote!
56 DE Jonathan Sigalet Jonathan Sigalet Vote!
6 DE Kristoffer Gunnarsson Kristoffer Gunnarsson Vote!
22 FW Linus Nässén Linus Nässén Vote!
22 CE Linus Nassen Linus Nassen Vote!
21 FW Lucas Raymond Lucas Raymond Vote!
51 FW Mats Rosseli-Olsen Mats Rosseli-Olsen Vote!
18 DE Mattias Nørstebø Mattias Nørstebø Vote!
12 RW Max Friberg Max Friberg Vote!
46 LW Oliwer Fjällström Oliwer Fjällström Vote!
7 CE Pathrik Westerholm Pathrik Westerholm Vote!
72 FW Patrik Carlsson Patrik Carlsson Vote!
27 RW Ponthus Westerholm Ponthus Westerholm Vote!
4 LW Pontus Andreasson Pontus Andreasson Vote!
49 FW Rhett Rakhshani Rhett Rakhshani Vote!
81 FW Ryan Lasch Ryan Lasch Vote!
17 FW Sebastian Stålberg Sebastian Stålberg Vote!
59 FW Simon Hjalmarsson Simon Hjalmarsson Vote!
9 FW Tim Söderlund Tim Söderlund Vote!
8 LD Viktor Ekbom Viktor Ekbom Vote!

GKS Tychy

# Pos. Name
3 RW Adam Bagiński Adam Bagiński Vote!
8 RW Alex Szczechura Alex Szczechura Vote!
28 FW Andrei Mikhnov Andrei Mikhnov Vote!
6 RD Bartosz Ciura Bartosz Ciura Vote!
91 LW Bartłomiej Jeziorski Bartłomiej Jeziorski Vote!
67 DE Bartłomiej Pociecha Bartłomiej Pociecha Vote!
5 CE Filip Komorski Filip Komorski Vote!
15 FW Gleb  Klimenko Gleb Klimenko Vote!
66 RW Jakub Witecki Jakub Witecki Vote!
30 GK Jakub Zawalski Jakub Zawalski Vote!
13 CE Jarosław Rzeszutko Jarosław Rzeszutko Vote!
31 GK John Murray John Murray Vote!
17 RD Kamil Górny Kamil Górny Vote!
10 CE Kamil Kalinowski Kamil Kalinowski Vote!
18 GK Kamil Lewartowski Kamil Lewartowski Vote!
23 DE Marcin Horzelski Marcin Horzelski Vote!
69 RD Mateusz Bryk Mateusz Bryk Vote!
11 LW Mateusz Gościński Mateusz Gościński Vote!
78 CE Michael Cichy Michael Cichy Vote!
33 DE Michael Kolarz Michael Kolarz Vote!
87 LD Michał Kotlorz Michał Kotlorz Vote!
68 RW Patryk Kogut Patryk Kogut Vote!
88 DE Peter Novajovský Peter Novajovský Vote!
24 LW Radosław Galant Radosław Galant Vote!
20 RD Remigiusz Gazda Remigiusz Gazda Vote!
74 LW Tomáš Sýkora Tomáš Sýkora Vote!

HC Bolzano

# Pos. Name
19 RW Alexander Petan Alexander Petan Vote!
11 CE Andrew Crescenzi Andrew Crescenzi Vote!
26 CE Angelo Miceli Angelo Miceli Vote!
18 FW Anton Bernard Anton Bernard Vote!
9 FW Brett Findlay Brett Findlay Vote!
27 FW Daniel Catenacci Daniel Catenacci Vote!
94 FW Daniel Frank Daniel Frank Vote!
21 DE Daniel Glira Daniel Glira Vote!
46 FW Ivan Deluca Ivan Deluca Vote!
1 GK Jacob Smith Jacob Smith Vote!
31 GK Leland Irving Leland Irving Vote!
93 LW Luca Frigo Luca Frigo Vote!
8 FW Marco Insam Marco Insam Vote!
40 DE Markus Nordlund Markus Nordlund Vote!
32 CE Massimo Carozza Massimo Carozza Vote!
5 DE Matthew MacKenzie Matthew MacKenzie Vote!
22 FW Matti Kuparinen Matti Kuparinen Vote!
12 FW Michael Blunden Michael Blunden Vote!
3 DE Paul Geiger Paul Geiger Vote!
88 DE Stefano Marchetti Stefano Marchetti Vote!
51 RD Timothy Campbell Timothy Campbell Vote!
24 DE Tobias Brighenti Tobias Brighenti Vote!
15 FW Viktor Schweitzer Viktor Schweitzer Vote!

HC Lugano

# Pos. Name
27 DE Alessandro Chiesa Alessandro Chiesa Vote!
10 FW Alessio Bertaggia Alessio Bertaggia Vote!
7 DE Benoit Jecker Benoit Jecker Vote!
87 FW Dario Bürgler Dario Bürgler Vote!
35 GK Davide Fadani Davide Fadani Vote!
37 DE Elia Riva Elia Riva Vote!
30 GK Elvis Merzlikins Elvis Merzlikins Vote!
23 FW Giovanni Morini Giovanni Morini Vote!
15 FW Gregory Hofmann Gregory Hofmann Vote!
24 FW Jani Lajunen Jani Lajunen Vote!
91 FW Julian Walker Julian Walker Vote!
3 DE Julien Vauclair Julien Vauclair Vote!
86 FW Linus Klasen Linus Klasen Vote!
52 FW Loïc Vedova Loïc Vedova Vote!
12 FW Luca Cunti Luca Cunti Vote!
17 FW Luca Fazzini Luca Fazzini Vote!
74 DE Lucas Matewa Lucas Matewa Vote!
6 DE Massimo Ronchetti Massimo Ronchetti Vote!
70 FW Matteo Romanenghi Matteo Romanenghi Vote!
21 FW Mauro Jörg Mauro Jörg Vote!
25 FW Maxim Lapierre Maxim Lapierre Vote!
38 FW Raffaele Sannitz Raffaele Sannitz Vote!
29 DE Riccardo Sartori Riccardo Sartori Vote!
58 DE Romain Loeffel Romain Loeffel Vote!
32 FW Sebastien Reuille Sebastien Reuille Vote!
31 GK Stefan Müller Stefan Müller Vote!
22 DE Stefan Ulmer Stefan Ulmer Vote!
16 DE Taylor Chorney Taylor Chorney Vote!
95 DE Thomas Wellinger Thomas Wellinger Vote!
14 FW Timo Haussener Timo Haussener Vote!

HC Pilsen

# Pos. Name
37 DE Conor  Allen Conor Allen Vote!
65 DE David Kvasnička David Kvasnička Vote!
20 FW David Stach David Stach Vote!
92 FW Denis Kindl Denis Kindl Vote!
50 GK Dmitri Milchakov Dmitri Milchakov Vote!
34 GK Dominik Frodl Dominik Frodl Vote!
4 DE Jakub Kindl Jakub Kindl Vote!
64 FW Jakub Pour Jakub Pour Vote!
17 FW Jan Eberle Jan Eberle Vote!
9 DE Jan Holý Jan Holý Vote!
81 FW Jaroslav Kracík Jaroslav Kracík Vote!
86 CE JIří Novotný JIří Novotný Vote!
35 GK Kristián Kolář Kristián Kolář Vote!
97 DE Lukáš Kaňák Lukáš Kaňák Vote!
51 DE Lukáš Pulpán Lukáš Pulpán Vote!
93 FW Matyáš Kantner Matyáš Kantner Vote!
77 FW Milan Gulaš Milan Gulaš Vote!
95 FW Miroslav Indrák Miroslav Indrák Vote!
23 FW Miroslav Preisinger Miroslav Preisinger Vote!
5 DE Nicholas Jones Nicholas Jones Vote!
22 FW Ondřej Kratěna Ondřej Kratěna Vote!
14 FW Peter Čerešňák Peter Čerešňák Vote!
60 FW Petr Eret Petr Eret Vote!
88 FW Petr Kodýtek Petr Kodýtek Vote!
55 FW Petr Straka Petr Straka Vote!
90 DE Roman Vráblík Roman Vráblík Vote!
44 FW Ryan Hollweg Ryan Hollweg Vote!
13 FW Václav Nedorost Václav Nedorost Vote!
53 CE Vojtěch Němec Vojtěch Němec Vote!