Top Goalie Season 2021/22 Voting

Before the start of the season fans can each submit predictions for the top goalie. This will be determined by the number of CHL wins. In the case of a tie, the better save percentage will be used.

Points (after the Group Stage and after the Final): 1000 points each for correct prediction.

Launch Voting: 25.08.2021

Deadline Voting: 08.09.2021

Top 5 most voted goalies

# Team Player Votes
31 Leksands IF Kasimir Kaskisuo Kasimir Kaskisuo 221
30 EV Zug Leonardo Genoni Leonardo Genoni 49
32 KAC Klagenfurt Sebastian Dahm Sebastian Dahm 49
30 Tappara Tampere Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko 36
65 Rögle Ängelholm Christoffer Rifalk Christoffer Rifalk 36

Top Goalie 2021/22 - overall

Adler Mannheim

# Name
30 Arno Tiefensee Arno Tiefensee Vote!
44 Dennis Endras Dennis Endras Vote!
90 Felix Brückmann Felix Brückmann Vote!
72 Florian  Mnich Florian Mnich Vote!

BK Mladá Boleslav

# Name
37 Gašper Krošelj Gašper Krošelj Vote!
33 Jan Růžička Jan Růžička Vote!
40 Marek Schwarz Marek Schwarz Vote!

Cardiff Devils

# Name
30 Mac  Carruth Mac Carruth Vote!
31 Taran Kozun Taran Kozun Vote!

Eisbären Berlin

# Name
98 Leon  Hungerecker Leon Hungerecker Vote!
35 Mathias Niederberger Mathias Niederberger Vote!
45 Tobias Ancicka Tobias Ancicka Vote!

EV Zug

# Name
30 Leonardo Genoni Leonardo Genoni Vote!
51 Luca Hollenstein Luca Hollenstein Vote!
90 Robin Meyer Robin Meyer Vote!


# Name
35 Connor Hughes Connor Hughes Vote!
1 Loïc Galley Loïc Galley Vote!
20 Reto Berra Reto Berra Vote!

Frisk Asker

# Name
30 Gard Remme Thoresen Gard Remme Thoresen Vote!
25 Henrik Fayen Vestavik Henrik Fayen Vestavik Vote!
1 Nicklas  Dahlberg Nicklas Dahlberg Vote!

Frölunda Gothenburg

# Name
90 Matthew Tomkins Matthew Tomkins Vote!
41 Niklas Rubin Niklas Rubin Vote!
1 Viggo Andrén Viggo Andrén Vote!

HC Bolzano

# Name
37 Justin Fazio Justin Fazio Vote!
39 Kevin Boyle Kevin Boyle Vote!

HC Donbass Donetsk

# Name
1 Andrey Makarov Andrey Makarov Vote!
30 Bogdan Diachenko Bogdan Diachenko Vote!
39 Janis Voris Janis Voris Vote!

HC Lugano

# Name
35 Davide  Fadani Davide Fadani Vote!
31 Leland Irving Leland Irving Vote!
34 Niklas Schlegel Niklas Schlegel Vote!
29 Thibault  Fatton Thibault Fatton Vote!

IFK Helsinki

# Name
34 Michael Garteig Michael Garteig Vote!
53 Niilo Halonen Niilo Halonen Vote!
40 Roope Taponen Roope Taponen Vote!

JKH GKS Jastrzębie

# Name
35 Michał Kieler Michał Kieler Vote!
90 Oskar Prokop Oskar Prokop Vote!
7 Patrik Nechvátal Patrik Nechvátal Vote!

KAC Klagenfurt

# Name
33 Florian Vorauer Florian Vorauer Vote!
53 Jakob Holzer Jakob Holzer Vote!
32 Sebastian Dahm Sebastian Dahm Vote!

Lausanne HC

# Name
31 Loris Uberti Loris Uberti Vote!
29 Luca Boltshauser Luca Boltshauser Vote!
51 Tobias Stephan Tobias Stephan Vote!
60 Viktor Östlund Viktor Östlund Vote!

Leksands IF

# Name
33 Axel Brage Axel Brage Vote!
31 Kasimir Kaskisuo Kasimir Kaskisuo Vote!

Lukko Rauma

# Name
31 Juuso Helomaa Juuso Helomaa Vote!
30 Lassi Lehtinen Lassi Lehtinen Vote!
37 Samuel Jukuri Samuel Jukuri Vote!

Oceláři Třinec

# Name
33 Lukáš Daneček Lukáš Daneček Vote!
2 Marek Mazanec Marek Mazanec Vote!
90 Ondřej Kacetl Ondřej Kacetl Vote!
1 Patrik Švančara Patrik Švančara Vote!

Pinguins Bremerhaven

# Name
31 Brandon Maxwell Brandon Maxwell Vote!
30 Jonte Flügge Jonte Flügge Vote!
56 Maximilian Franzreb Maximilian Franzreb Vote!

Red Bull Munich

# Name
72 Daniel Allavena Daniel Allavena Vote!
30 Daniel Fießinger Daniel Fießinger Vote!
33 Danny aus den Birken Danny aus den Birken Vote!

Red Bull Salzburg

# Name
35 Atte Tolvanen Atte Tolvanen Vote!
30 Nicolas Wieser Nicolas Wieser Vote!
32 Thomas Pfarrmaier Thomas Pfarrmaier Vote!

Rögle Ängelholm

# Name
70 Calle Clang Calle Clang Vote!
65 Christoffer Rifalk Christoffer Rifalk Vote!

Rouen Dragons

# Name
69 Matija Pintarič Matija Pintarič Vote!
31 Valentin Duquenne Valentin Duquenne Vote!

Rungsted Seier Capital

# Name
81 Christian Larsen Christian Larsen Vote!
31 David Grubak David Grubak Vote!
81 Ville Kolppanen Ville Kolppanen Vote!

Skellefteå AIK

# Name
30 Gustaf Lindvall Gustaf Lindvall Vote!
31 Strauss Mann Strauss Mann Vote!
1 Viktor Stålberg Viktor Stålberg Vote!

Slovan Bratislava

# Name
32 Ádam Beke Ádam Beke Vote!
37 Kristers Gudlevskis Kristers Gudlevskis Vote!
33 Richard Noskovič Richard Noskovič Vote!
31 Samuel Hlavaj Samuel Hlavaj Vote!

Sparta Prague

# Name
53 Alexander Salák Alexander Salák Vote!
31 Jakub Neužil Jakub Neužil Vote!
35 Matěj Machovský Matěj Machovský Vote!
29 Oldřich Cichoň Oldřich Cichoň Vote!

SønderjyskE Vojens

# Name
1 Jakub Kostelny Jakub Kostelny Vote!
95 Nicolaj Henriksen Nicolaj Henriksen Vote!
31 Patrick Galbraith Patrick Galbraith Vote!

Tappara Tampere

# Name
30 Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko Vote!
1 Kari Piiroinen Kari Piiroinen Vote!
23 Paavo Kohonen Paavo Kohonen Vote!

TPS Turku

# Name
1 Andrey Kareev Andrey Kareev Vote!
35 Eetu Anttila Eetu Anttila Vote!
37 Emil Vuorio Emil Vuorio Vote!

Växjö Lakers

# Name
70 Adam Åhman Adam Åhman Vote!
54 Andreas Andersson Andreas Andersson Vote!
98 Janis Kalnins Janis Kalnins Vote!

ZSC Lions Zurich

# Name
1 Ludovic Waeber Ludovic Waeber Vote!
30 Lukas Flüeler Lukas Flüeler Vote!
1 Robin Zumbühl Robin Zumbühl Vote!

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