Top Goalie Season 2022/23 Voting

Before the start of the season fans can each submit predictions for the top goalie. This will be determined by the number of CHL wins. In the case of a tie, the better save percentage will be used.

Points (after the Group Stage and after the Final): 1000 points each for correct prediction.

Launch Voting: 31.08.2022

Deadline Voting: 07.09.2022

Top 5 most voted goalies

# Team Player Votes
35 Fehérvár AV19 Dominik Horvath Dominik Horvath 121
30 Tappara Tampere Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko 118
30 EV Zug Leonardo Genoni Leonardo Genoni 53
94 Ilves Tampere Marek Langhamer Marek Langhamer 53
35 Straubing Tigers Hunter Miska Hunter Miska 46

Top Goalie 2022/23 - overall

Aalborg Pirates

# Name
39 George Sørensen George Sørensen Vote!
31 Thomas Lillie Thomas Lillie Vote!

Adler Mannheim

# Name

Belfast Giants

# Name
35 Andrew Dickson Andrew Dickson Vote!
1 Jackson Whistle Jackson Whistle Vote!
33 Peyton Jones Peyton Jones Vote!

Dynamo Pardubice

# Name

EHC Biel-Bienne

# Name

ERC Ingolstadt

# Name

Färjestad Karlstad

# Name
30 Damian Clara Damian Clara Vote!
35 Dennis Hildeby Dennis Hildeby Vote!
90 Matthew Tomkins Matthew Tomkins Vote!


# Name

HC Bolzano

# Name

HC Innsbruck

# Name

HC Košice

# Name

Ilves Tampere

# Name
31 Jakub Málek Jakub Málek Vote!
94 Marek Langhamer Marek Langhamer Vote!
35 Ondrej Bizon Ondrej Bizon Vote!

Lahti Pelicans

# Name

Lukko Rauma

# Name

Oceláři Třinec

# Name
33 Lukáš Daneček Lukáš Daneček Vote!
2 Marek Mazanec Marek Mazanec Vote!
90 Ondřej Kacetl Ondřej Kacetl Vote!

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

# Name
60 Melvin Nyffeler Melvin Nyffeler Vote!
91 Robin Meyer Robin Meyer Vote!
1 Roby Mettler Roby Mettler Vote!

Red Bull Munich

# Name
67 Christopher Kolarz Christopher Kolarz Vote!
72 Daniel Allavena Daniel Allavena Vote!
33 Danny aus den Birken Danny aus den Birken Vote!
35 Mathias Niederberger Mathias Niederberger Vote!

Red Bull Salzburg

# Name
35 Atte Tolvanen Atte Tolvanen Vote!
30 David Kickert David Kickert Vote!
57 Luca Egger Luca Egger Vote!
25 Simon Wolf Simon Wolf Vote!

Rouen Dragons

# Name

Skellefteå AIK

# Name
1 Alexander Hellnemo Alexander Hellnemo Vote!
30 Gustaf Lindvall Gustaf Lindvall Vote!
32 Linus Söderström Linus Söderström Vote!

Stavanger Oilers

# Name
38 Henrik Holm Henrik Holm Vote!
1 Jens Hoekstra Jens Hoekstra Vote!
65 Joona Partanen Joona Partanen Vote!

Tappara Tampere

# Name
30 Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko Vote!
32 Niko Hovinen Niko Hovinen Vote!
23 Paavo Kohonen Paavo Kohonen Vote!
1 Vilho Heikkinen Vilho Heikkinen Vote!

Växjö Lakers

# Name

Vítkovice Ridera

# Name

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