Top Goalie Season 2019/20 Voting

Before the start of the season fans can each submit predictions for the top goalie. This will be determined by the number of CHL wins. In the case of a tie, the better save percentage will be used.

Points (after the Group Stage and after the Final): 1000 points each for correct prediction.

Launch Voting: 13.08.2019

Deadline Voting: 06.09.2019

Top 5 most voted goalies

# Team Player Votes
33 Frölunda Indians Johan Mattsson Johan Mattsson 132
50 Belfast Giants Shane Owen Shane Owen 96
30 KAC Klagenfurt Lars Haugen Lars Haugen 93
30 EV Zug Leonardo Genoni Leonardo Genoni 75
33 Red Bull Munich Danny aus den Birken Danny aus den Birken 49

Top Goalie 2019/20 - overall

Adler Mannheim

# Name
44 Dennis Endras Dennis Endras Vote!
35 Johan Gustafsson Johan Gustafsson Vote!
30 Mirko  Pantkowski Mirko Pantkowski Vote!

Augsburger Panther

# Name
35 Markus Keller Markus Keller Vote!
32 Moritz Borst Moritz Borst Vote!
31 Olivier Bellavance Roy Olivier Bellavance Roy Vote!

Belfast Giants

# Name
35 Andrew Dickson Andrew Dickson Vote!
50 Shane Owen Shane Owen Vote!
31 Stephen Murphy Stephen Murphy Vote!

Bílí Tygři Liberec

# Name
35 Justin Peters Justin Peters Vote!
40 Marek Schwarz Marek Schwarz Vote!
1 Matěj Žajdlík Matěj Žajdlík Vote!

Cardiff Devils

# Name
33 Ben Bowns Ben Bowns Vote!
32 Jordan Lawday Jordan Lawday Vote!
30 Thomas Murdy Thomas Murdy Vote!

Djurgården Stockholm

# Name
32 Karri Rämö Karri Rämö Vote!
30 Lucas Rheyneuclaudes Lucas Rheyneuclaudes Vote!
89 Niklas Svedberg Niklas Svedberg Vote!
35 Robin Jensen Robin Jensen Vote!

EHC Biel-Bienne

# Name
41 Elien Paupe Elien Paupe Vote!
1 Jonas Hiller Jonas Hiller Vote!

EV Zug

# Name
1 Gianluca Zaetta Gianluca Zaetta Vote!
30 Leonardo Genoni Leonardo Genoni Vote!
51 Luca Hollenstein Luca Hollenstein Vote!

Färjestad Karlstad

# Name
75 Arvid Holm Arvid Holm Vote!
1 Eric  Forsberg Eric Forsberg Vote!
35 Markus Svensson Markus Svensson Vote!

Frisk Asker

# Name
25 Henrik Fayen Vestavik Henrik Fayen Vestavik Vote!
1 Nicklas  Dahlberg Nicklas Dahlberg Vote!

Frölunda Indians

# Name
33 Johan Mattsson Johan Mattsson Vote!
41 Niklas Rubin Niklas Rubin Vote!

GKS Tychy

# Name
30 Jakub Zawalski Jakub Zawalski Vote!
31 John Murray John Murray Vote!
18 Kamil Lewartowski Kamil Lewartowski Vote!


# Name
41 Cristopher Nihlstorp Cristopher Nihlstorp Vote!
35 Felix Nussbacher Felix Nussbacher Vote!
33 Thomas Höneckl Thomas Höneckl Vote!


# Name
38 Loic Corvez Loic Corvez Vote!
61 Lukas Horak Lukas Horak Vote!
40 Sebastien Raibon Sebastien Raibon Vote!

HC Ambrì-Piotta

# Name
79 Daniel Manzato Daniel Manzato Vote!
49 Dominik Hrachovina Dominik Hrachovina Vote!
60 Viktor Östlund Viktor Östlund Vote!

HC Pilsen

# Name
34 Dominik Frodl Dominik Frodl Vote!
31 Jaroslav  Pavelka Jaroslav Pavelka Vote!
35 Kristián Kolář Kristián Kolář Vote!

HC05 Banská Bystrica

# Name
1 Filip Belányi Filip Belányi Vote!
29 Matej Gajan Matej Gajan Vote!
34 Tyler Beskorowany Tyler Beskorowany Vote!

HPK Hämeenlinna

# Name
35 Antti Karjalainen Antti Karjalainen Vote!
83 Joona Voutilainen Joona Voutilainen Vote!
60 Rasmus  Reijola Rasmus Reijola Vote!

KAC Klagenfurt

# Name
31 David Madlener David Madlener Vote!
33 Florian Vorauer Florian Vorauer Vote!
53 Jakob Holzer Jakob Holzer Vote!
30 Lars Haugen Lars Haugen Vote!

Kärpät Oulu

# Name
30 Justus Annunen Justus Annunen Vote!
42 Patrik Rybár Patrik Rybár Vote!
35 Vilho Heikkinen Vilho Heikkinen Vote!

Lahti Pelicans

# Name
41 Atte Tolvanen Atte Tolvanen Vote!
81 Taavi Vartiainen Taavi Vartiainen Vote!
33 Tomi Karhunen Tomi Karhunen Vote!

Lausanne HC

# Name
1 Florian Vuichard Florian Vuichard Vote!
29 Luca Boltshauser Luca Boltshauser Vote!
51 Tobias Stephan Tobias Stephan Vote!

Luleå Hockey

# Name
30 David Rautio David Rautio Vote!
1 Jesper Wallstedt Jesper Wallstedt Vote!
34 Joel Lassinantti Joel Lassinantti Vote!

Mountfield HK

# Name
2 Marek Mazanec Marek Mazanec Vote!
1 Štěpán Lukeš Štěpán Lukeš Vote!

Oceláři Třinec

# Name
1 Lukáš Daneček Lukáš Daneček Vote!
32 Patrik Bartošák Patrik Bartošák Vote!
60 Petr Kváča Petr Kváča Vote!

Red Bull Munich

# Name
30 Daniel Fießinger Daniel Fießinger Vote!
33 Danny aus den Birken Danny aus den Birken Vote!
35 Kevin Reich Kevin Reich Vote!

Rungsted Seier Capital

# Name
37 Jon Lee-Olsen Jon Lee-Olsen Vote!
31 Thomas Lillie Thomas Lillie Vote!

SC Bern

# Name
1 Niklas Schlegel Niklas Schlegel Vote!
33 Pascal Caminada Pascal Caminada Vote!

Skellefteå AIK

# Name
30 Gustaf Lindvall Gustaf Lindvall Vote!
1 Oscar Darnell Oscar Darnell Vote!
53 Oskar Östlund Oskar Östlund Vote!

Tappara Tampere

# Name
30 Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko Vote!
34 Michael Garteig Michael Garteig Vote!

Vienna Capitals

# Name
29 Bernhard Starkbaum Bernhard Starkbaum Vote!
62 Mathias Lichtenecker Mathias Lichtenecker Vote!
30 Ryan Zapolski Ryan Zapolski Vote!

Yunost Minsk

# Name
31 Igor Brikun Igor Brikun Vote!
90 Yan Shelepnyov Yan Shelepnyov Vote!

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