Top Goalie Season 2018/19 Voting

Submit now your predictions for the top goalie of this season. The top goalie will be determined by the number of CHL wins. In the case of a tie, the better save percentage will be used. To give your vote select the team your top goalie plays for and select the goalie. Save your prediction by clicking on the vote button.

Points: 500 points for correct prediction.

Deadline voting: 5 September 2018

Top 5 most voted goalies

# Team Player Votes
30 Växjö Lakers Viktor Fasth Viktor Fasth 221
35 Kärpät Oulu Veini Vehviläinen Veini Vehviläinen 97
30 HC Lugano Elvis Merzlikins Elvis Merzlikins 95
55 Storhamar Hamar Oskar Östlund Oskar Östlund 94
31 THOMAS SABO Ice Tigers Niklas Treutle Niklas Treutle 86

Top Goalie 2018/19 - overall

Aalborg Pirates

# Name
31 Jakob Jensen Jakob Jensen Vote!
1 Jesper Wulff Jesper Wulff Vote!
33 Ronan Quemener Ronan Quemener Vote!

Cardiff Devils

# Name
33 Ben Bowns Ben Bowns Vote!
32 Jordan Lawday Jordan Lawday Vote!
30 Thomas Murdy Thomas Murdy Vote!

Djurgården Stockholm

# Name
39 Adam Reideborn Adam Reideborn Vote!
30 Olof Lindbom Olof Lindbom Vote!
35 Robin Jensen Robin Jensen Vote!

Eisbären Berlin

# Name
39 Marvin Cüpper Marvin Cüpper Vote!
30 Maximilian Franzreb Maximilian Franzreb Vote!
45 Tobias Ancicka Tobias Ancicka Vote!

EV Zug

# Name
1 Gianluca Zaetta Gianluca Zaetta Vote!
29 Sandro Aeschlimann Sandro Aeschlimann Vote!
51 Tobias Stephan Tobias Stephan Vote!

Frölunda Indians

# Name
1 Arvid Söderblom Arvid Söderblom Vote!
37 Johan Gustafsson Johan Gustafsson Vote!
33 Johan Mattsson Johan Mattsson Vote!

GKS Tychy

# Name
30 Jakub Zawalski Jakub Zawalski Vote!
31 John Murray John Murray Vote!
18 Kamil Lewartowski Kamil Lewartowski Vote!

HC Bolzano

# Name
1 Jacob Smith Jacob Smith Vote!
31 Leland Irving Leland Irving Vote!

HC Lugano

# Name
35 Davide Fadani Davide Fadani Vote!
30 Elvis Merzlikins Elvis Merzlikins Vote!
31 Stefan Müller Stefan Müller Vote!

HC Pilsen

# Name
50 Dmitri Milchakov Dmitri Milchakov Vote!
34 Dominik Frodl Dominik Frodl Vote!
35 Kristián Kolář Kristián Kolář Vote!

HC05 Banská Bystrica

# Name
29 Matej Gajan Matej Gajan Vote!
30 Samuel Baroš Samuel Baroš Vote!
35 Stephon Williams Stephon Williams Vote!

IFK Helsinki

# Name
53 Atte Engren Atte Engren Vote!
36 Markus Ruusu Markus Ruusu Vote!
31 Niilo Halonen Niilo Halonen Vote!

JYP Jyväskylä

# Name
41 Eetu Laurikainen Eetu Laurikainen Vote!
83 Joona Voutilainen Joona Voutilainen Vote!
35 Niko Parkkinen Niko Parkkinen Vote!

Kärpät Oulu

# Name
40 Jussi Rynnäs Jussi Rynnäs Vote!
30 Justus Annunen Justus Annunen Vote!
35 Veini Vehviläinen Veini Vehviläinen Vote!

Kometa Brno

# Name
50 Karel Vejmelka Karel Vejmelka Vote!
2 Lukáš Dostál Lukáš Dostál Vote!
30 Marek Langhamer Marek Langhamer Vote!

Malmö Redhawks

# Name
41 Cristopher Nihlstorp Cristopher Nihlstorp Vote!
37 Linus Gidbark Linus Gidbark Vote!
69 Oscar Alsenfelt Oscar Alsenfelt Vote!

Mountfield HK

# Name
39 Brandon Maxwell Brandon Maxwell Vote!
91 Daniel Dvořák Daniel Dvořák Vote!
31 Jaroslav  Pavelka Jaroslav Pavelka Vote!

Neman Grodno

# Name
30 Maxim Samankov Maxim Samankov Vote!
31 Pavel Shelesny Pavel Shelesny Vote!
79 Vitali  Trus Vitali Trus Vote!

Oceláři Třinec

# Name
31 Lukáš Daneček Lukáš Daneček Vote!
2 Peter Hamerlík Peter Hamerlík Vote!
30 Šimon Hrubec Šimon Hrubec Vote!

Red Bull Munich

# Name
30 Daniel Fießinger Daniel Fießinger Vote!
33 Danny aus den Birken Danny aus den Birken Vote!
35 Kevin Reich Kevin Reich Vote!

Red Bull Salzburg

# Name
60 Lukas Herzog Lukas Herzog Vote!
30 Nicolas Wieser Nicolas Wieser Vote!
34 Stephen Michalek Stephen Michalek Vote!

Rouen Dragons

# Name
38 Gaetan Richard Gaetan Richard Vote!
69 Matija Pintarič Matija Pintarič Vote!
23 Quentin Papillon Quentin Papillon Vote!
31 Valentin Duquenne Valentin Duquenne Vote!

SC Bern

# Name
30 Leonardo Genoni Leonardo Genoni Vote!
33 Pascal Caminada Pascal Caminada Vote!

Skellefteå AIK

# Name
1 Elias Moberg Elias Moberg Vote!
30 Gustaf Lindvall Gustaf Lindvall Vote!
50 Mantas Armalis Mantas Armalis Vote!

Storhamar Hamar

# Name
1 Jonas Strand Jonas Strand Vote!
55 Oskar Östlund Oskar Östlund Vote!

Tappara Tampere

# Name
30 Christian Heljanko Christian Heljanko Vote!
73 Kimmo Rautiainen Kimmo Rautiainen Vote!
32 Niklas Bäckström Niklas Bäckström Vote!


# Name
29 Andreas Jenike Andreas Jenike Vote!
1 Florian Proske Florian Proske Vote!
31 Niklas Treutle Niklas Treutle Vote!

TPS Turku

# Name
30 Henrik Haukeland Henrik Haukeland Vote!
32 Rasmus  Tirronen Rasmus Tirronen Vote!

Växjö Lakers

# Name
1 Jesper Eliasson Jesper Eliasson Vote!
45 Viktor Andrén Viktor Andrén Vote!
30 Viktor Fasth Viktor Fasth Vote!

Vienna Capitals

# Name
1 Jean-Philippe Lamoureux Jean-Philippe Lamoureux Vote!
31 Matthias Tschrepitsch Matthias Tschrepitsch Vote!
36 Max Zimmermann Max Zimmermann Vote!

Yunost Minsk

# Name
91 Alexander Borodulya Alexander Borodulya Vote!
31 Igor Brikun Igor Brikun Vote!

ZSC Lions Zurich

# Name
35 Daniel Guntern Daniel Guntern Vote!
30 Lukas Flüeler Lukas Flüeler Vote!
1 Niklas Schlegel Niklas Schlegel Vote!

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