Prediction Game

Start collecting points by guessing the winner of each CHL game. In the Playoffs you can also predict a tie.

The percentage bar of each game shows you the trend of how fans voted so far.

Playoff: In the first leg, there is no overtime or penalty shootout – a game can also end in a tie. The game will therefore always be assessed on the result after 60 minutes. In the return leg, the game could go to overtime or to a penalty shootout after regulation, if the score over the course of the two games is equal (the away goal rule as in football doesn’t apply). The game will be assessed after the game’s end, so including overtime or the penalty shootout.

Points: 100 points for every correct prediction

Predictions can be made up until 14:00 CET on Game Day



Hockey Manager

Show us your skills as a Hockey Manager and set your lineup for each Game Day.

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Hockey Passer

What a pass! Use your passing skills to create great scoring opportunities.

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Travel Site

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