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Are you planning your next CHL adventure? The different Travel Sites offer you various recommendations to make your stay memorable. Each team has selected exclusive activities for you such as facts about the city, nice things to visit, traditional bars and restaurants as well as great hotel recommendations.

By clicking either on a team logo on the map or using the drop-down menu for country and city you can visit the travel site of each team. Once you’re there, you can also buy tickets for your next CHL game and give your vote to your favourite travel site.

Points will be awarded based on the team’s position in an overall ranking:

  • 1. Place: 3.200 Points
  • 2. Place: 3.100 Points
  • 3. Place: 3.000 Points
  • 32. Place: 100 Points

Individual fan points: 25 for voting for your own team, 50 for voting for another team.

Deadline voting: 19 October 2018

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